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Frequently Asked Questions

Most Common Questions We Receive

If you don't find what you're looking for here. Please contact us!

Do you sell cooked pierogies?

No. We sell frozen pierogies packed by the dozen. We do not sell them online or via our factory cooked.   You can find cooked pierogies at local events and festivals.

Can I buy Gosia's in the grocery store?

YES! We are working on growing this list daily! For now please stop at any of these stores and pick up Gosia's Pierogies!  

You can find our pierogies at local grocery stores. Here are a few locations. This list is always changing so please contact us or visit this page for the most recent list.

  • Several Giant Eagle/Market Districts in Allegheny County- Brentwood, Bryant Street Market in Highland Park, Camp Horne, Cranberry, Donaldson’s Crossroads, Glenshaw, Market District Robinson Town Center, McIntyre Square, Monroeville, Pine Creek Settler’s Ridge, Shadyside, South Hills Market District, Twp of Pine, Waterworks, Wexford.

  • Bardine's Country Smokehouse- in Crabtree.

  • East End Food Co-op- in East Liberty.

  • Lapp Family Market- in Latrobe, Arlington Market- in Jeannette.

  • Ferri's in Murrysville.

  • Loan Oak Farm in Marion Center.

  • Leeper Meats in Acme.

  • Whole Foods

If you'd like to add Gosia's to your store please contact us!

Can I buy pierogies at your warehouse?

YES! We sell them frozen at the warehouse by the dozen. Please place your order here online and wait for a notification for when you can pick them up.

Do you sell in bulk?

YES!  We have a warehouse in Latrobe, PA and we can easily supply you with bulk orders.

Gosia's Pierogies provides high-quality products that practically sell themselves. Our products are ones that people would want to serve to their families. Gosia’s Pierogies are great for resale!  Proudly we are already working with several local distributors. Get started with us today!

Do you cater?

No we do not cater.

Do you sell pierogies at festivals?

YES! You can find us at festivals all over the Easter US- Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Maryland, AND Pennsylvania OF COURSE. Check out our event schedule for more information.

Do we use eggs in our dough?

No, our dough does not contain eggs. We use flour, water, oil, and salt

What's in your pierogies?

Potato and cheese:  Potato, cheddar  cheese, salt, pepper, onion and onion powder

Potato, Jalapeño and cheese: Potato, jalapeño cheddar  cheese, salt, pepper, onion and onion powder
Sauerkraut:  Sauerkraut, onion, salt, pepper and sugar
Sweet Cabbage:  Cabbage, onion, salt, pepper and sugar
Sweet Potato:  Sweet potato, nutmeg, salt, pepper and brown sugar
Potato and Feta:  Potato, feta, salt and pepper
Cottage cheese: Dry cottage cheese, onion, sugar, salt, pepper and chives

How do I cook the frozen pierogies?

1. Saute onions separately

2. Brown thawed/frozen pierogies on medium heat in a skillet to your liking using pam, butter, or olive oil.

TIPS: DO NOT BOIL, Easier if thawed

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